Miniatures Wanted

Miniatures Wanted

I am after the following to complete my sets. Just one left to complete.

RR11 - Karnac's Lizardmen Raiders – Just Champion needed

GW Hobbit Miniatures

Goblin Town Scenery
Balin the Dwarf, Dwalin the Dwarf and Oin the Dwarf – Champions of Erebor
Bombur the Dwarf, Bifur the Dwarf and Ori the Dwarf – Champions of Erebor
Kili the Dwarf, Fili the Dwarf and Bofur the Dwarf – Champions of Erebor
Palace Guards
Elrond (Foot & Mounted)
Mirkwood Rangers
Nori the Dwarf, Dori the Dwarf and Gloin the Dwarf – Champions of Erebor
Gandalf™ the Grey & Bilbo Baggins™
Bilbo Baggins with Sting
Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain and Bilbo Baggins, Master Burglar
Mirkwood Armoured Elf Cavalry
Mirkwood Armoured Swordsmen
Lake-town Guard Swordsmen
Mirkwood Armoured Spearmen
Legolas Greenleaf™
Lake-town Guard Spearmen
Tauriel™, Mirkwood Exile
Lake-town Guard Bowmen
Mirkwood Armoured Bowmen
Palace Guards Captains
Mirkwood Rangers Captains
Young Dwalin the Dwarf
Young Thorin Oakenshield™
Young Balin the Dwarf
Thranduil, King of Mirkwood
Thranduil, The Elevenking
Gandalf™ the Grey
Radagast The Brown with Sebastian

Hunter Orcs on Fell Wargs
Mirkwood Spiders
Hunter Orcs
Goblin Warriors
Fell Wargs
Azog™, Lieutenant of Sauron
Gundabad Orc Spearmen
Gundabad Orc Swordsmen

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