Monday, 17 July 2017

Bolt Action Jungle Terrain Part 3 Base Boards

This is the start of 4 Terrain boards for Jungle Terrain in Bolt Action.

The first three boards are land based. One will have a road, one paths and one a hill/bunker.  The last one will be a beach landing terrain.

I have base the basic structure for the three boards and started to work on the Hill.

Top part is separate so I can put models in the bunker.

Making the hill modular so I can just use the top part with out the bunker part.  

Sorting out some cork and plaster rock to add some texture to the hill

Friday, 14 July 2017

Bolt Action Japanese Army part 3

Finished up some troops and based them up.  Also rebased some of the ones I painted years ago.  Thankfully I have been writing down whats paints I use for different figures for quite a few years so they all match up.  Still got more troops , heavy weapons and armour to do

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Bolt Action Japanese Army part 2

Have started on more soldiers with these ones now finished and waiting varnishing, have another set ready to varnish now and am working on heavy weapons.  Also made a start on one of my Type 95 Ha-go light tank. I have another one of these to paint along with a Type 94 Tankette, Type 2 Ka-Ki Amphibious tank, a Shi-Ki (Chi-Ha Command Tank), two Type 97 Chi-Ha tanks and a Type 97 Kai Shinto Chi-Ha tank

Bolt Action Jungle Terrain Part 2

Slowly making some progress on the smaller terrain pieces.  Using plastic plants from China and mixed herbs for leaf litter. Still need to add some flock, static grass and take the shine of the plants

I have also been getting stuff together to make some terrain boards.  The plan is to make 3 terrain boards so far. One to be a Hill/mountain area, second to have a road and jungle area, third to have a beach area.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Sorting out the hobby room

Started to sort out the hobby room.  I have made my gaming table smaller 6 x4 as don't think I really need an 8 x 4.  Also I think I may start using gaming mats which are easier to get at 6 x 4

I plan to put some shelves up at the end so I can put all my books up there which will mean easier access to them at last.

I moved my computer over the other side so its easier when I get my spray booth out as there is a window for fumes extraction.  I am aiming for two area for making , building and painting large items. One area with is my main painting desk.  A computer area and then an area for a painting / project queue.  I am also extending the desk on the left so I have a small area for my work computer and more project area.

Current painting table. Going to get another couple of paint racks.

Building area with some Italians

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

All Quiet on the Martian Front - British North African Force - Bedouin

I have been busy working on my British North African force for AQMF.   Bedouin Troops have been finished , still need to paint the Egyptian troops.

Bedouin Troops consisting of
2 x Bedouin MG Units (3 Elements each)
3 x Bedouin Cavalry (3 Elements Each) 2 on Horseback 1 on Camels
2 x Bedouin Infantry (3 Elements Each)

Monday, 15 May 2017

Bolt Action Jungle Terrain

To go with my Japanese, Chindits and USMC I have started work on some jungle terrain. Generally following the Terrain Tutors Burma Build on youtube.  I am using what materials I have. The bases are hardboard cut into different sizes and shapes.  I then cut up and glue on a polystyrene ceiling tile, put filler in the gaps and round the edges to smooth it out.  Glue on sand and small rocks for texture. Finally undercoating in bitter chocolate masonry paint.  Still lots to do